About Danish Gostar Educational Consultancy

Danish Gostar (DG) is an educational consultancy firm offering various services to make education accessible to all. Danish Gostar is the combination of two Persian words 1)  Danish (meaning education) and Gostar (meaning expansion and spread) and DanishGostar means to make education accessible to all.  Danish Gostar is officially registered at Afghanistan Central Business Registry & Intellectual Property (ACBR-IP) of the ministry of commerce and Industry.

One of our projects is Scholarship for Afghanistan that is the largest educational opportunities discovery platform for youth to access educational and decent job opportunities.  Thousands of youth have trusted Scholarship for Afghanistan as the most effective platform to instantly access the latest opportunities for free and get Free instructions, and opportunities for professional and personal development.


Dedication and honesty

Experience and profession

Customer-focused services

To bring a positive change in the life of the people by providing access to affordable and quality education and decent jobs opportunities.

Higher education

Education is a right to everyone. Danish Gostar is working to empower prospective students, access best education by simplifying the opportunity search, application and acceptance process. We connect applicants to academic institutions, recruiting partners. We connect job seekers to employers and fill the mismatching skills gap to easily find the best candidate and suitable decent job based on their skills.

  • Students: Using our platform, students discover which programs best matches their background and interest. Our team will support the student in each step forward including reviewing the application and ensuring that all documents are submitted.
  • Consultancy: We provide consulting services and information to students to select the best course for them according to their background and interest.
  • Employment: Jobs seekers can easily find the jobs that matches their skills using our platform. and employers can find the candidates that meet their requirement with zero time.
  • Capacity building program: we offer wide range capacity building programs to help the students and job applicants prepare their application for their desired opportunities.
  • Education Institution: Educational institutions can recruit the students from our large network of opportunities.


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