Increase Your Presence Worldwide and Diversify Your Campus.

Danish Gostar is recruiting students from Afghanistan. We have a large network of young people using our services to access to opportunities.

Over 700K students follow us on social media.

Global presence

Expand Your Market in South Asia

Attract the best students from Afghanistan and South Asian Countries with Danish Gostar.


Diversify Your Campus

Add Afghanistan talents to the Diversity of your campus.


Receive Quality Applications

We will only send you quality applications.

Verification of document

Document Verification

We check documents and ensure the document verification by related authorities.

Digital Promotion

Promotion Channel

Showcase Your University on our platform, events and Across Social Media

Benefits of Partnering with Danish Gostar

Danish Gostar Makes Students Recruitment Easier.


Spend Less time reviewing applications

Danish Gostar Team reviews students’ applications to ensure they include all required documents and are complete. It will save you time, while ensuring applications meet your admission requirements.

Diversity logo

Increase Your Campus Diversity

Danish Gostar help you diversify your Campus with Afghan student.

Social media

Global Reach Via Our Channels

We have a large network of young people on social media and a very well known educational platform in Afghanistan.


50000 subscribers

Social Media



15000 Subscribers


20000 Daily Visits
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